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Pollution of water and air essay

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Pollution of water and air essay

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Pollution water and air essay - …

Benjamin Franklin and pollution of water and air Jonathan Swift Were Fart Joke Masters. Benjamin Franklin was many things: printer, inventor, postmaster, turkey-zapper, constitution-signer, and connoisseur of fart jokes. The founding father fancied flatus. So much, actually, that in 1781 he penned an on themes of huckleberry finn essay dedicated to the thunder down under. Franklin lived in Paris at the time, serving as US Ambassador to France. There, he heard that the Royal Academy at Brussels was requesting scientific essays and would award prizes for of water and air the best papers. The news annoyed Franklin. He thought scientists were falling out of touch with reality. Year after year, they churned out pompous papers that didn’t make life better for the common man. Science should be practical, Franklin thought.

Science should help everyday problems. Science should, you know, make farts smell good. So Franklin wrote a mock letter, To the Royal Academy,” which opened explaining why people try to restrain and contain their windy emissions: It is universally well known, That in digesting our common Food, there is about, created or produced in the Bowels of and air essay human Creatures, a great Quantity of politics whats Wind. That the permitting this Air to escape and mix with the Atmosphere, is usually offensive to the Company, from the fetid Smell that accompanies it. That all well-bred People therefore, to avoid giving such Offence, forcibly restrain the Efforts of Nature to discharge that Wind.

Franklin argued that holding back gas could be painful, even life threatening. If science could improve the smell, maybe people would break wind freely: “Were it not for essay the odiously offensive Smell accompanying such Escapes, polite People would probably be under no more Restraint in essay secret discharging such Wind in Company, than they are in pollution of water spitting, or in blowing their Noses.” Franklin urges the academy to “Discover some Drug wholesome not disagreeable, to bsc hons accounting thesis, be mix’d with our common Food, or Sauces, that shall render the and air essay natural Discharges of Wind from our Bodies, not only inoffensive, but agreable as Perfumes.” Because who needs cologne when your air biscuit freshens the room with the finn aroma of blooming daisies? Franklin’s letter was a joke, of course. He never sent it to the academy. Instead, he mailed it to of water essay, Richard Price, a British philosopher and friend of philosophy term Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine. Of Water Essay? Price was a member of London’s Royal Society, and he would’ve appreciated Franklin’s jab at academia, especially its closing. At the essay’s end, Franklin writes that science has derailed so far from reality that every discovery combined must be worth a “FART-HING.” (In case you’re wondering, fragrant flatulence probably isn’t possible. When you smell a flatus, you’re actually catching a whiff of hydrogen sulfide and methanethiol.

The two compounds can turn your toots into nose-burning, stomach-churning bowel bombs. You can quell the smell with bismuth supplements, but these won’t transform your farts into air fresheners. They’ll just knock your stinkers scentless.) Jonathan Swift: Master of the Gasser. Franklin wasn’t the brookes bsc hons in applied thesis only believer in the art of the fart. Of Water Essay? Sixty years earlier, Jonathan Swift—a master of satire and author of Gulliver’s Travels —wrote an essay titled “The Benefit of Farting Explain’d,” published in essays of huckleberry a pamphlet in 1722.

The paper’s title page is pollution of water and air, peppered with puns. Swift hides under the pseudonym “Don Fartinhando Puff-Indorst, Professor of Bumbast at the University of Craccow.” The essay is finn, “translated into English at pollution essay the Request and for about economics the Use of the of water and air essay Lady Damp-Fart, of word in a day Her-fart-shire” by “Obadiah Fizle, Groom of the Stool to the Princess of Arse-Mini in Sardinia.” Oh, and pollution and air it was also reviewed by a “College of Fizz-icians.” Seriously. We can’t make this up. It sounds juvenile, but Swift may have been using potty humor to criticize potty humor. By the 18th century, flatulence had become taboo. Farting was rude, and gas-passing was merely raw material for crude jokes (and in some cases, subject to censorship law.) But it hadn’t always been that way—farts had a proud literary history.

For centuries, authors had used scatology as a serious symbol for of art term paper mortality, decay, and of water and air essay impurity. Dante, St. Philosophy Paper? Augustine, Chaucer, Marlowe, Dryden, and even Martin Luther wrote about cutting the cheese, using flatulence as a literary symbol and even a political tool. So Swift may have been criticizing the fart’s sad decline into silliness—and he was fighting fire with fire. The essay is divided into four parts, detailing gas’s relationship with law, society, and science.

The second section, however, may be the most inventive: After clarifying the nature, essence, and definition of the common fart, Swift explains why it’s bad to bottle up your tailwind—and offers a (sexist) theory to one of life’s mysteries: “I shall next enquire into pollution of water the ill consequence of suppressing [gas], which . . . causes Cholicks, hystericks, rumblings, belching, spleen, etc, but in the women of philosophy of art term paper a more strong constitution, it vents itself intirely in of water and air essay talkativeness; hence we have a reason, why women are more talkative than men.” Swift says it’s better to let one rip than hold it inside. The gassy vapors can float up and mess with your head, especially if you’re a talkative woman, who may not “vent properly.” Swift theorizes that’s why people cry, too: “If this vapour, when rais’d to economics, the head, is there condensed by a cold melancholy constitution, it distills thor’ the Eyes in Form of Tears.” He captures his thesis with the nugget: “Whoth stop’t at pollution of water and air one end, burst out. From long and thick to coiled or curly, every type of mustache, beard, and goatee under the Sun (and barber's pole) seemed to be present at the 2017 World Beard and Moustache Championships. The biannual competition—held in Austin, Texas in early September, according to Laughing Squid—brings together hairy rivals from secret sharer around the globe, who come before a panel of pollution essay judges to about, see whose facial hair is the most coiffed and creative. Participants compete across 17 traditional categories in three main groups: mustaches, partial beards, and pollution of water and air essay full beards. Awards are granted to individuals with the philosophy of art term best Salvador Dali–inspired mustache; the pollution of water and air essay best goatee freestyle, or short beards styled into of art elaborate arrangements; and essay the best natural full beard, among other looks.

Held in essays on themes finn Leogang, Austria, the 2015 World Beard and and air essay Moustache Championships had just 317 competitors, Bryan Nelson—who helped organize this year's event along with the Austin Facial Hair Club— tells Mental Floss. But the 2017 Championships attracted a staggering 738 participants from 33 countries. Nelson believes that the Austin Facial Hair Club pulled off history's largest facial hair competition (the group is awaiting validation from Guinness World Records), and essays about economics also says that the tournament was the first of its kind to include craft-based categories for women. We had Creative Moustache and Realistic Moustache, Creative Beard and essay Realistic Beard, Nelson says. For the realistic categories, female participants used either real or fake tresses to create authentic-looking facial hair (which they attached to word essay in a, their faces), and for the creative categories, they were all over the place and could be made from whatever, Nelson explains. And Air? Seashells, bacon, bones … it's such a creative event. You can check out a handful of of huckleberry finn 2017's winners—who were captured in pollution all their hairy glory by Las Vegas-based photographer Greg Anderson—below, or view even more hilarious looks on his Instagram. Some words, regardless of their meaning, are simply more chuckle-worthy than others. To determine which expressions in the English language are truly the most comical, Smithsonian reports that psychologists at in a the University of Warwick in the UK conducted a survey in which they asked people to rate the “humor value” of and air essay a sampling of chosen words. They recently published their findings in the journal Behavior Research Methods. The researchers selected nearly 5000 words, and then used Amazon’s online crowdsourcing tool Mechanical Turk to ask more than 800 individuals to 4000 essay day, rank the humor value of 211 randomly chosen words from the list, on a scale from 1 (humorless) to 5 (humorous).

Likely not surprising to anyone with younger siblings, the funniest word ended up being “booty,” with an average ranking of 4.32. In descending order, the remaining top 12 words—which all received a score of 3.9 or higher—were “tit,” “booby,” “hooter,” “nitwit,” “twit,” “waddle,” “tinkle,” “bebop,” “egghead,” “ass,” and “twerp.” Why these words are so funny remains fuzzy. But when they analyzed their findings according to pollution of water and air essay, age and gender, the researchers did find that sexually suggestive words like “orgy” and “bondage” tended to tickle the funny bones of men, as did the words “birthmark,” “brand,” “chauffeur,” “doze,” “buzzard,” “czar,” “weld,” “prod,” “corn,” and “raccoon.” Meanwhile, women tended to oxford brookes bsc hons accounting thesis, laugh at the words “giggle,” “beast,” “circus,” “grand,” “juju,” “humbug,” “slicker,” “sweat,” “ennui,” “holder,” “momma,” and “sod.” As for people under the age of of water 32, they were amused by philosophy term paper “goatee,” “joint,” and pollution essay “gangster,” while older participants liked “squint,” “jingle,” “burlesque,” and “pong.” Across the board, all parties were least amused by words like “rape,” “torture,” and “torment.” Although humor is complex and dependent on in applied, elements like syntax and delivery, the study's researchers say that breaking comedy down to of water essay, single-word units could demystify its essence. “The research initially came about as a result of our curiosity,” said Tomas Engelthaler, the study’s lead author, in a press release. “We were wondering if certain words are perceived as funnier, even when read on their own. It turns out that indeed is the case. Essay Experiment Religion Whats? Humor is an everyday aspects of our lives and we hope this publicly available dataset allows future researchers to of water essay, better understand its foundations.” LIVE SMARTER BIG QUESTIONS WEATHER WATCH BE THE CHANGE JOB SECRETS QUIZZES WORLD WAR 1 SMART SHOPPING STONES, BONES, WRECKS #TBT THE PRESIDENTS WORDS RETROBITUARIES. Caring for a Sick Animal Can Lead to Anxiety and Depression, Study Finds.

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Personal Skills Audit Essays and Research Papers. Skills Audit Work Experience Level 5 Use the following scale to pollution rate the skills checklist, Please fill in the . sheet as accurately as possible so as to get the maximum benefit from the essays on themes of huckleberry excerise; Your skill in pollution, the area Importance in vocational area 1 unskilled 1 irrelevant 2 very poor 2 unnecessary 3 poor 3 a little relevant 4 passable 4 relevant 5 adequate 5 of some use 6 satisfactory 6 useful 7 good 7 beneficial 8 very good 8 very beneficial . Communication , Critical thinking , Knowledge 642 Words | 3 Pages. 4 2 Personal Skills 4 2.1 Human Skills 4 2.2 Conceptual Skills 4 2.3 Technical Skills . Secret Sharer? 5 3 Professional Skills 5 4 Strategic Skills for pollution of water, Leadership 6 5 Learning Styles 7 6 Personal Development Plan 7 7 Personal Objectives 8 8 Conclusion 8 9 Bibliography 8 1 Introduction This paper reviews the personal and professional skills that are required to achieve the strategic goals in an organization. It also draws a personal development plan which helps in achieving such goals. 2 Personal Skills. Leadership , Management , Strategic management 1736 Words | 9 Pages. Methods to american god got religion whats Improve Personal and Professional Skills.

CV3 3RD rdi Advanced Professional Development Contents How to use this workbook Introduction Summary of of water and air learning outcomes 0.1 Unit 1 Improving . Personal and Professional Skills Professional Skills Personal Skills Methods 1.1 1.45 1.60 Unit 2 Professional skills audit Skills audit 2.1 Unit 3 Personal development plan Personal development plan 3.1 rdi How to use this workbook This workbook has been designed to provide you with the word course material necessary to complete the module. Coaching , Human resource management , Learning 1336 Words | 7 Pages. Personal Development, Skills to Be Employed. Assignment (1) Assignment (1) Task 4: Graduate Employability and Transferable Skills This report will allow me to look in depth . what is employability and transferrable skills ; relating to my own skills , strengths and weaknesses and how they will have an pollution essay effect on my own employment. The term employability is defined as “Employability can be thought of as ‘…a set of achievements, understandings and personal attributes that make individuals more likely to gain employment and be successful in. Goal!

2: Living the Dream. , Kuno Becker , Learning 1175 Words | 4 Pages. Personal Communication Skills Dian Powell Comm/102 The process of communication means a great deal to me. It is the . livelihood of almost every moment of every day of my life. I not only communicate during my time with my family, but I also communicate with individuals all throughout my day at work. I have a key role at oxford bsc hons in applied thesis, my job of trying to be the and air best communicator I am able to be. One part of 4000 word in a day my job is to be in charge of the customer service department, and this part of my position puts. Communication , Cross-cultural communication , Grammar 841 Words | 3 Pages. personal, learning thinking skills.

Module 1 Emma Hollinshead. Vocational Learning Advisor name Leanne Chadwick. Module 1 - Induction - your learning programme Tick all that apply . 1. Who is funding your learning programme? Skills funding Agency. 2. What is essay your Learning Agreement / Individual Training Plan / Personal Training Plan? ? ? ? a. Oxford Brookes? A detailed outline of your agreed learning programme b. A review of your targets and progress c. A summary of your achievements Level 2 H4SC. Level 1 English Maths. ACT , Knowledge , Learning 596 Words | 7 Pages. Personal skills inventory COMMWK6Proj: RobersonI Face-to-Face and online communication skills : The most . important skill in life is learning how to communicate effectively. Working in the business industry communication is of water essay important factor in the success of the business and daily tasks such as giving employees’ feedback, writing reports, giving presentations, conducting interviews and sending emails.

How we communicate varies among each individual as well as how we perceive our own personal communication. Communication , Graphic communication , Management 1080 Words | 3 Pages. Standards Introduction Self-regulated: the standards governing audits were established by essay secret, members of the profession themselves . Sarbanes-Oxley Acct of 2002 Created: Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) to provide external and of water and air essay, independent oversight over the audits of public entities Responsible for oxford accounting, registering public accounting firms, establishing standards for pollution and air, audit engagements, and inspecting the quality of audits conducted by public accounting firms ****Generally Accepted Auditing. Audit , Auditing , Auditor's report 590 Words | 3 Pages. Training Needs Analysis and Skills Audit.

Training Needs Analysis and Skills Audit Career Development Centre (CDC) Daffodil International University Dear Colleagues, . Our organization may be unique in Bangladesh trying hard to develop everyone for coping with technology and international need to achieve maximum and just starting to develop a workplace performance improvement program. As you can realize that our organization believes in growing together and oxford brookes in applied accounting thesis, found worthy to identify the skills required for the job. Of Water? Hope we will enjoy. Better , Cash flow , Communication 849 Words | 5 Pages. ? Skills Audit : Skills - Interpersonal Skills - I have been working In the food and Hospitality industry . for past two years. Working with Colleagues and 4000, Customers is an important part of the job. Customer relations and interpersonal skills are the and air two most important skills that a person working in that industry will need to know about.

Customer relations techniques include a number of skills , such as effective verbal and non-verbal communication, ability to ask relative questions, to be attentive, problem-solving. Critical thinking , Customer service , Decision engineering 568 Words | 2 Pages. Personal employment and skills development. ? CORC 1013 Personal and Employability Skills Development Evaluate and benchmark own study and analysis skills , . Essay In A Day? capabilities and developmental needs There are many different sectors of the events industry which can be categorised in different ways either by size, form or content. And Air? These can be categorised by leisure, political, business and trade, food and drink and essay on the, many more however these are the main types of events held across the world. Festivals contribute massively to of water the social side. Cornwall , Dizzee Rascal , Event planning 1058 Words | 4 Pages. misstatement does exist is referred to as A. Philosophy Of Art Term Paper? Audit risk B. Inherent risk C. Pollution Of Water? Control risk D. Detection risk 14. Evidential matter . concerning proper segregation of duties ordinarily is essay god got politics whats best obtained by A. Preparation of a flowchart of duties performed by available personnel.

B. Inquiring whether control activities operated consistently throughout the period. C. Reviewing job descriptions prepared by the personnel department. D. Essay? Direct personal observation of the employees who apply control. Audit , Auditing , Balance sheet 990 Words | 3 Pages. Skills , talents and philosophy term, strength points in any personality are the of water and air essay main factor that determines the essay on the success or failure for everyone and and air, we can . notice how some famous people reached and achieved their goals and american essay experiment religion whats, dreams using their skills and talents as a strength in order to get promoted step by step. Of Water Essay? For example, Malcom X as a one of best speakers and Steve Hawking as being positive and creative. In my opinion, skills and talents can change other’s life and I am one of the people which found and noticed. Critical thinking , Leadership , Learning 1174 Words | 3 Pages. Effective Management: Personal and Professional Skills.

Three Personal and Three Professional Skills for Effective Management Effective Management is day very crucial in a business, this . And Air? helps in tackling problems by remaining focused and overcome challenging situations which a company may encounter. This also helps in american god got politics whats, making the essay company more efficient. Oxford Bsc Hons In Applied Accounting? To be an effective manager, one needs to of water have certain skills , both personal and professional skills . Personal skills The following are personal skills which a good and effective manager should have: . Communication , Goal , Leadership 723 Words | 3 Pages. ?Name: Maharshi Pandya Student ID: PCC2388 Audit Assignment 1 Answer 1. Oxford Bsc Hons In Applied? In our case study, King and Queen are the auditors and the . plaintiff that is pollution of water and air essay taking legal action against them is EFL. Negligence can be defined as any conduct that is ‘careless or unintentional in nature and of art, entails a breach of any contractual duty or duty of and air care in tort owed to another person or persons’.(Godsell, 1993 P23) If EFL wants to philosophy of art term claim for negligence than they will have to prove that the four elements exists.

Audit , Auditing , Auditor's report 1067 Words | 4 Pages. 5.30 (Medium) Sufficient appropriate audit evidence has not been obtained to support the conclusions. | | Procedures | General point | . Quality (appropriate evidence) | Quantity (sufficient) | (a) | Observation of stock take - went according to instructionsInventory test counts and pollution and air essay, cut-off prove satisfactory. Of Huckleberry Finn? | To conclude that the ACCOUNT balance is fairly stated (i.e. in of water essay, $$ terms), all material assertions must be verified. | Existence assertion (an overstatement test) has been tested from the. Auditing , Depreciation , Expense 1374 Words | 5 Pages. P3 Explain The Skills And Personal Qualities. Unit 13 – Command and of art paper, Control By Kristian Norris P3 - Explain the skills and of water and air, personal qualities required for command and on the secret, . Pollution Of Water Essay? control M2 - Assess the skills required for given practical command and control scenarios and compare these to own performance ?It is essays very important in the public services that we see many skills and qualities from a personnel to show that they have command and control ?In this presentation I have used three skills and and air essay, three qualities, describe them, giving an example and essays of huckleberry, then giving.

Constable , Police , Police officer 1480 Words | 7 Pages. Question 1 Management audit is essay a term used to describe the kind of audit work carried out to look into the economy, efficiency . and effectiveness of the organization and its component parts. Efficiency in this sense has to do with determining whether resources ( personal and property) are being used optimally within the bounds of what is practically feasible. Effectiveness involves determining whether resources are being used to essays economics proper effect. Economy relates to and air essay the avoidance of unnecessary waste. Audit , Auditing , External auditor 1010 Words | 3 Pages. | |Job Title: | Audit Officer |Company Job Code: . |. | | | | |. | |Status/Grade: |. |Division/Department | Audit | |Location: |Karachi. Audit , Auditing , External auditor 554 Words | 4 Pages.

which exceeds materiality of $50,000. c. The auditor should either propose an audit adjustment so that the unadjusted statement amount is . less than materiality, and/or perform more testing to obtain a better estimate of the about population misstatements. The additional testing will likely focus on receivables and inventory because they have the largest estimated misstatements. 9-28 a. The following terms are audit planning decisions requiring professional judgment: Preliminary judgment about materiality . Audit , Auditing , Auditor's report 762 Words | 3 Pages. ?Fundamental concepts of f/s audit Materiality misstatement of accounting information. is a matter of professional judgment . Audit risk The auditor expresses an inappropriate audit opinion when the financial statements are materially misstated, Evidence (more than “per discussion with client) Major phrases of audit : Client acceptance/continuance; Preliminary engagement activities; Establish materiality and assess risks; Plan the and air audit ;Consider and audit internal control; Audit business processes and. Audit , Auditing , Auditor's report 670 Words | 1 Pages. assertions and audit objectives - Define management assertions and the related audit objectives - Describe management . 4000 Word Essay Day? assertions related to class of transactions, balances and presentation and of water and air, disclosures - List out and essay sharer, describe general transaction related audit objectives, balance related audit objectives and of water, presentation and disclosure audit objectives - Understand specific audit objectives and how they are linked to general audit objectives and management assertions Topic 4 – Audit evidence. Audit , Auditing , Auditor's report 1165 Words | 5 Pages.

1 Chapter 7: Audit Evidence I. Definition: Evidence – information used by the auditor to draw conclusions on politics religion, the fair presentation of the pollution and air essay . Sharer? financial statements. Audit objectives suggest the and air types of essay experiment god got politics whats evidence to accumulate. II. Decisions on of water and air essay, evidence accumulation A. Which audit procedures to use. General Objectives: Six TRAOs Eight BRAOs Four PDAOs Accounting Cycles: Five Management Assertions Specific Objectives: At least: Six TRAOs Eight BRAOs Four PDAOs Audit Procedures: At least one. Accounts payable , Accounts receivable , Audit 702 Words | 4 Pages. Q1 - What is the relationship between the risk assessment process and american politics religion, the collection of audit evidence? The risk assessment process happens . at the very beginning of the pollution of water and air essay engagement and is to essay experiment politics religion whats determine the level of risk present in the company. The risk assessment phase is pollution and air when the auditor assess the oxford brookes accounting client’s situation, conducts an independence threat analysis and pollution essay, decides whether to accept the client or not.

The risk assessment is influenced by various factors such as the degree to which external. Audit , Auditing , Auditor's report 970 Words | 3 Pages. ? Skills audit Job title Accountant Skills needed Understanding Accountants need to be able to sharer grasp new concepts . quickly – whether it is adjusting to new information or data, managing a project, or meeting a new client. If something is new, they need to pollution essay be able to ask the right questions and follow the right leads during research. Recruiters like to see that you can apply your knowledge to 4000 word day practical situations. Enthusiasm Taking the essay initiative and being enthusiastic and oxford brookes accounting thesis, interested in your job is. Accountancy , Accountant , Communication 586 Words | 2 Pages. * Subject Synopsis This course introduces the elements of auditing. It discusses the principles and pollution of water, procedures of on themes auditing, types of . audits , scope and objectives of auditing. It also covers professional ethics in auditing, audit evidences, audit planning and and air, various other aspects of on themes of huckleberry finn auditing.

Moreover it gives knowledge about pollution essay, objectives of philosophy doing audit . The course also aims to explain the liability and pollution essay, responsibility of the auditor and about, how the of water essay computerised environment effects the business environment. Academia , Audit , Auditing 1492 Words | 6 Pages. expectations for revenue accounts Recognize factors that lead to precise expectations of account balances Appreciate the degree of professional judgment . involved in essays of huckleberry, evaluating differences between expected and reported account balances Understand the audit planning implications of using analytical procedures as substantive tests of account balances Burlington Bees, an independent, minor league baseball team, competes in the North-west Coast League. Pollution Essay? The team finished in oxford brookes bsc hons thesis, second place in 200X with. Audit , Auditing , Baseball 756 Words | 4 Pages. SEMESTER 1, 2013 SEMINAR 9 - PROBLEM QUESTIONS PROBLEM 9.1 While assessing the risk of and air essay material misstatement and determining the appropriate . Essay Experiment Religion Whats? response with regard to the inventory of Ace Computers Ltd (Ace) for the year ended 30 June 2011 audit , you become aware of the pollution following information: 1. Of Art Term? The best-selling computer presentation package has been experiencing a high level of returns owing to suspected software problems.

2. Based on closing inventory, inventory turned over. Auditing , Employment , Financial audit 455 Words | 3 Pages. Personal Skills Audit for Entry to pollution of water essay the Accounting Profession. Personal Skills Audit for entry to word in a day the Accounting Profession – Written Assignment There has been a significant . shift in accounting profession from just providing numerical financial information to advising on a wide range of business matters - from profitability of developing a new line of products to E-commerce and of water and air, investigating fraudulent activities. Of Art? There is of water a tendency to acknowledge the existence of hard and soft skills . The table (Appendix I) shows the spread of soft (non-technical) skills. Accountant , Business , Communication 693 Words | 2 Pages.

AUDIT EXPECTATIONS GAP Definition i) Liggio (1974a) defines it as the difference between the levels of expected performance as . envisioned by the independent accountant and by the user of financial statements. Essays On Themes Of Huckleberry Finn? The Cohen Commission (1978) on auditors’ responsibility extended this definition by considering whether a gap may exist between what the public expects or needs and pollution essay, what auditors can and should reasonably expect to accomplish. ii) According to Guy and oxford brookes in applied thesis, Sullivan (1988), there is a. Audit , Auditing , Auditor's report 1489 Words | 7 Pages. equip my management skill by recognising self-potential contributing creative solutions to pollution of water and air essay my organisation. In A Day? 3.2 TOPIC INTEGRATION My . current post as a Senior Auditor with Bank Rakyat requires me to lead a group of pollution and air internal auditors that requires skills of management. In A Day? As an pollution and air essay auditor; skills and knowledge about the rules and regulation are very important to gain self confidence and 4000 word essay in a day, a good perception to Audi tees. The job that I am holding now also requires me to present an Audit Report which consists. Audit , Auditing , External auditor 1536 Words | 6 Pages. Tutorial 2: Audit of Sales and Collection Cycle ------------------------------------------------- QUESTION 1 Part A (a) Define a . ‘test of control’ and a ‘substantive procedure’. [2 marks] (b) State ONE test of pollution and air essay control and ONE substantive procedure in relation to essay secret sales invoicing. [2 marks] Part B Cleanwell Sdn Bhd (CSB) is a window cleaning company. Pollution? Customers’ windows are cleaned monthly, the window cleaner then posts a stamped addressed envelope for payment through the customer’s. Accounts payable , Accounts receivable , Balance sheet 785 Words | 3 Pages.

organizations. Carlopio and Andrewartha (2012) introduce ten main key skill areas for managers, namely managing stress, self-awareness, . effective communication, problem solving, power influence, conflict and negotiation, motivation, empowering and about economics, delegation, effective change management and building teams. Out of these, the pollution and air purpose of this paper is to address the importance of effective communication as a management skill . It will incorporate the concepts provided by Antonakis et al (2012) and. Authority , Charisma , Charismatic authority 1508 Words | 7 Pages. PolyTaste 2008: Service Audit Robert Hartman May, 2008 1 Agenda • • • • • • • What is a Service Audit ? Dimensions of . Service Guest Touch Points Event Environment Moments of Truth Observable Standards Audit Results 2 1 What is a Service Audit ? • A Formal Study of Actual Service Performance – Based on Observable Standards – Performed by Disinterested Observers – Qualitative • Gathers Impressions • Characterizes Guest Experience – Quantitative • Gathers Data • Reports Operations. Audit , Federal Rules of Civil Procedure , Quantitative research 716 Words | 7 Pages. Leadership Audit Analysis 2 CLED 510. Fiedler contingency model , Leadership , Management 2475 Words | 12 Pages.

(HRD) program provides skill assessment services, employability skills training, and career development counseling to . individuals in transition and in the emerging workforce. The courses taught in this program address six core components: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) assessment of an individual’s assets and limitations development of a positive self-concept development of employability skills development of communication skills development of problem-solving skills ; and awareness of the. Educational psychology , Employment , Learning 3603 Words | 24 Pages. Employability Skills * Experience in the job - if they already have experience they have a better advantage as they don't need training and term, . they have the knowledge they need to complete the job. For example - if applying to be an administrative assistant experience is preferred as you they have the knowledge they need to and air essay complete the on the secret job. For example -. Knowledge , Learning , Skill 1246 Words | 4 Pages.

company’s competiors. Bribert is recinving kickbacks and gifts, consulant feesm and essay, facors. ? Consumer bill of rights. Codifed the 4000 word day ethics of exchange . between buyers and sellers, including rights to safety, to be informed, to choosem and to be heard ? Personal moral philosophies. Pollution Of Water And Air? Moral idealisn is on the secret moral philosophy that considers certain indivual rights or duties as universal, regardless of the outcome. Utilitarianism is of water and air essay morial philosophy that focuses on the greatest good for the greatest number. Bsc Hons In Applied? ? Green. Clayton Antitrust Act , Ethics , Marketing 1429 Words | 3 Pages. environment, which made me think out of the box as well. The most important thing after gathering data and before starting the project was planning and . organising the project with in time frame and fulfilling OBU requirement along that.

This required my skills of pollution essay project management which I had acquired during the high school. I categorised the project into several activities and steps, made my detailed planning as well as made critical path to achieve the objectives. Since I attempted all of my papers. Annual report , Communication , Fundamental analysis 1856 Words | 5 Pages. ?UNIT 1 ASSIGNMENT: PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT SECTION 1: TIME MANAGEMENT EXPLAIN THE BENEFITS OF EFFECTIVE TIME MANAGEMENT Effective Time . On The Secret Sharer? Management is essay a valuable resource.

Those who learn to value it go much ahead in of art, life. On the other hand, the people who take time for pollution, granted often end up losing much. Prioritizing well is the key to time management and proper management of time can improve the quality of your life, almost dramatically. These are some of the benefits of on the sharer Effective Time Management: . Better , Human Development Index , Life 1487 Words | 6 Pages. Safeguards Objective Assessment a) The lending of staff by the firm to an audit client may create a self-review threat. . (APES110.290.142) Referring to APES110,290 142, it states that if the firm lend the staff to audit client, and it will create the self-review threat. Of Water Essay? The possible safeguards are as following: Pay more attention on the work done by the loaned staff while in audit engagement.

Do not assign any audit responsibility to essays economics the task that is performed by that loaned staff. Remove. Audit , Auditing , Family 1060 Words | 4 Pages. BA (HONS) ACCOUNTING amp; FINANCE BA (HONS) PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTING PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTANCY COURSE YEAR 3 AUDIT amp; ASSURANCE 1 . INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT BRIEF HAND OUT DATE: 5th October 2011 HAND IN DATE: INSTRUCTIONS FOR COURSEWORK You are required to research and prepare a report based on pollution and air, one of the following topics. Please seek the assistance of the bsc hons in applied accounting thesis module leader Ivor Pingue and your seminar tutors for pollution of water essay, help and guidance with your coursework. Do not leave the research too late. Audit , Auditing , Auditor's report 929 Words | 5 Pages. DTTLS STUDY SKILLS The aim of this essay is to give the reader an oxford brookes overview of the types of study skills necessary for pollution, a student . to study for and attain a Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector. In it I will discuss my personal approach to study and philosophy of art term, the study skills I need to use on the programme. The essay will highlight the skills I feel are my current strengths and pollution essay, draw attention to essays the areas I need to pollution and air develop. I will briefly describe and essay religion, evaluate some different reflective models.

Critical thinking , Homework , Learning 1703 Words | 5 Pages. communication skill . Its design rests on of water and air essay, two assumptions. Philosophy Paper? First, for a person to improve as a communicator, instruction must be individualized, . And Air Essay? based on repeated opportunities for practice and religion, feedback. To create this condition MGC breaks from pollution and air, traditional business school conventions. American Essay Experiment Religion Whats? It requires only single-author writing projects, convenes small groups in conference room settings for individual presentations, and pollution and air, employs an action-based workshop format for developing team management skills . The. Communication , Simeon the Righteous 1222 Words | 7 Pages.

Ch. Of Art Term Paper? 2. Professional Standards 2-1. Generally Accepted Auditing standards (GAAS) - Audit procedure - Audit standard 2-2. Pollution Of Water And Air Essay? . American Experiment Politics Whats? Fundamental Principle: Responsibilities -Competence and Capabilities -Independence and and air, Due care --Independence in fact --Independence in appearance -Professional Skepticism and essays on themes finn, Professional Judgment 2-3. Fundamental Principle: Performance -Reasonable Assurance -Planning and Supervision -- Audit plan -Materiality -Risk Assessment --Internal Control --Risk of pollution of water and air Material misstatement --Inherent. Audit , Auditing , Auditor's report 493 Words | 4 Pages. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN 1. Introduction The aim of this assessment is to build a Personal Development Plan and evaluate my . current skills and religion, knowledge. The primary objective of PDP is to and air improve my knowledge and plan my educational development according to my background and personal experience so far. 2. What is essay day PDP According to the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education in UK (QAA 2004) defined PDP as: ‘a structured and supported process undertaken by an individual to reflect upon. Academic degree , Doctorate , Goal 1907 Words | 6 Pages. CORE BUSINESS SKILLS UGB103 ASSIGNMENT 1 Lecturer: TOH . YUAN KAI Name: AZIZKHON KUCHIMOV ID: SCM- UNIVERSITY OF SUNDERLAND / SEGi UNIVERSITY BA (HONS) BUSINESS amp; MANAGEMENT Module: Core Business Skills Code: UGB 103 Assessment Element 1: Skills Audit and PDP Plan (Total 15 module marks) (This assignment covers the essay following skills learning outcomes, taken from the Module.

Goal , Learning , Management 1630 Words | 7 Pages. ?INTERNAL AUDIT 1 Internal audit ‘Internal audit ’ is an appraisal activity established by management for essay sharer, the . review of accounting and internal control systems as a service to the entity. It reviews, monitors and of water and air essay, make recommendations for essays economics, the improvement of systems. Other activities include: Examination of financial information Review of economy, efficiency and effectiveness (‘value-for-money’ audits ) Review of compliance with external laws and regulations Review of internal policies Review. Audit , Auditing , Auditor's report 1487 Words | 6 Pages.

Operational Audit Best Practices A methodology to Conduct Operational Audit in Public Sector Organizations What is and air essay Operational . Audit ? Operational Audit is a methodology for assessing the conformity of implementing the procedures and methodologies set forth in the department’s instructions, regulations or documents. Operational audit is performed by specialized auditors. Upon completion of the auditing process, a report of findings with recommendations is submitted. Operational audit contributes to. Audit , Auditing , Auditor's report 1362 Words | 7 Pages. Audit Planning Memorandum for Database Environment Date | 02/04/2013 | To | Audit Senior Management | School Board | . Essay Secret? Temple University | Prepared By | Shan Jiang | ------------------------------------------------- Background Types of RDBMS: MySQL 5.0 - an open-source database used extensively in small or medium-sized web applications.

One of the pollution essay simplest databases to secure from hacking because of the american essay god got politics whats small attack surface it exposes Number of DB servers: 3 Business units rely. Access control , Audit , Comparison of database tools 780 Words | 5 Pages. STUDENT NAME: STUDENT NUMBER: MODULE NAME: NIP 1013 STUDY SKILLS AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT MODULE LEADER: CAROL LINCOLN . Of Water And Air? SUBMISSION DATE: WORD COUNT: Review of My Knowledge and Skills This essay is about a review of my learning after finishing the Study Skills and Personal Development Module (NIP 1013). Essays On Themes? The review would include my knowledge and skills in and air essay, writing, numeracy, reflection, presentation, personal development, career planning and an action plan. The aim is. Better , Essay , Learning 1259 Words | 8 Pages. Beginning the Audit Report Audit Process Plan 100 Shoe Plaza Shoetown, ME 00001 [ENTER TODAY’S DATE] . Larry Lancaster Chairman, President and CEO Apollo Shoes, Inc. 100 Shoe Plaza Shoetown, ME 00001 Dear Mr. Lancaster, This letter explains how I intend to term paper carry out the audit process for Apollo Shoes, Inc.

I will continue audit services for the company, which will involve a series of and air steps. I first need to receive the preliminary list including organizational. Audit , Auditing , External auditor 1164 Words | 5 Pages. Audit Proposal Brenda Pina, Rachel Foster, Maria Kight, Christine Twiford, and Clorissa Willie ACC/542 July 14, 2014 Professor Thomas . Cappels Audit Proposal There are many different types of audits including internal, external, and information technology. God Got Politics Religion? Companies should be familiar with the types of audits that may possibly be used on an Accounting Information System (AIS).

Knowing the different types of pollution of water essay audits and where they are used will help a company be ready for essay god got religion, an audit and make. Audit , Auditing , Auditor's report 1136 Words | 4 Pages. Personal Development Plan Assignment. Henley business school – sa08 | STAGE 1: PDP – SELF AWARENESS REFLECTION AND PLAN | Personal Development Plan | | Name: Theophelius . Kanakana | 15/04/13 | Student Number: 21033458Word Counts: 1758 (Excluding bibliography) | | Table of Contents 1.1. Introduction 1 1.1.1.

Self-Awareness Reflection 2 1.1.2. My Personal Development Plan 3 Short-Term Goal 4 Medium-Term Goal 4 Long-Term Goal 4 1. Business school , Goal , Management 1878 Words | 6 Pages.

Interpersonal skills are the life skill. ? Interpersonal skills are the life skills all the human-being used every day to contact and interface with others, both . Pollution Of Water Essay? separately and in groups. People who have worked on word in a day, growing strong interpersonal skills are normally more successful in their masterly and personal live. Good interpersonal skills allow us to participate effectively as a member of essay a team. Moreover, employability skills can be defined as the essay on the sharer transferable skills needed by a personal . Beside with good practical understanding and. Employability , Employment , Interpersonal skills 945 Words | 3 Pages. Professional skills Counselling (1.1) Coaching and mentoring skills (1.2) Business (1.5-1.7) Executive . Of Water? Performance Skills Personal Multitasking (1.11) Leadership skills (1.16) Planning (1.19-1.20) Initiating Controlling Supporting Informing Evaluating Leadership styles (1.21) The autocrat The Laissez-Faire Manager The Democrat Empowerment (1.29) Continuing self development (1.31) Leading and of huckleberry, chairing meetings (1.34) Delivering. Leadership , Learning , Management 494 Words | 4 Pages.

Soft skills Soft skills is a sociological term relating to pollution of water a person's EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient), the cluster of . personality traits, social graces, communication, language, personal habits, friendliness, and optimism that characterize relationships with other people. Soft skills complement hard skills (part of philosophy a person's IQ), which are the occupational requirements of a job and many other activities. A person's soft skill is an important part of their individual contribution to the. Emotional intelligence , Interpersonal skills , Manners 546 Words | 3 Pages. o i solutions limited Innovation Audit See the gaps in of water essay, your innovation and develop plans for new products, services, processes and cost . savings. Essays Economics? Below is a summary of the pollution of water Audit we recommend and can conduct.

The full Audit varies dependent upon bsc hons accounting thesis the organisation. Key Issues There are hard and pollution of water, soft factors that will determine how innovative an organisation is. Those key factors: • CEO and of art, Board Commitment • A Learning Organisation ie being open, adaptive and forward thinking • A culture that encourages. Diffusion of of water and air essay innovations , Innovation , Management 1042 Words | 4 Pages. Independence and objectivity in Internal Audit. auditing can be challenging and requires highest level of professional proficiency. Therefore internal audit staff must have professional . abilities to carry out the oxford accounting audit functions.

Our internal audit department is committed to pollution assist each staff members to meet that responsibilities. 4000 Word Essay? Slide #2 Speaker’s notes Independence is the of water essay foundation of internal audit , the essays on themes internal audit activity must be free from of water and air, interference in determining the scope of on themes finn internal auditing , performing work and. Audit , Auditing , Financial audit 1143 Words | 5 Pages. Soft Skills Presented By: Mrigank Maitray Mba (I B) Enroll no. A2828414029 Definition It is basically the personality, communication . skills , personal habits, interpersonal skills , managing people, leadership, etc. that characterize relationships with other people. A person's soft skill is an important part of pollution of water and air essay their individual contribution to american essay experiment god got the success of an organization.

Particularly those organizations dealing with customers face-to-face are generally more successful, if they train their. Critical thinking , Interpersonal skills , Leadership 667 Words | 5 Pages.

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cma student resume The CMA Job Mart is designed to match qualified candidates with good positions and vice versa. For over 30 years, this service has proved extremely valuable to both job seekers and those looking to hire. Candidates running ads must be a CMA Member. A Candidate ad is run free of charge for two-months. Companies wishing to advertize positions do not need to be CMA Members (but why not join!) and pollution of water and air essay the cost of running an ad for term paper, two-months, both on the website and in pollution of water, the CMA Newsletter, is $300. Experienced Regulatory and Compliance Executive. Seeking opportunities for american essay god got politics religion, advancement and of water and air growth with a company in need of an expert in compliance and regulatory affairs. Regulatory, Quality, and Compliance. Enforcement of the flag state Maritime Regulations and essays economics International Conventions Administrator of the Safety Inspection Program Review all vessel annual safety inspection reports and provide comments to pollution and air essay, the owners Review and oxford accounting thesis issue Exemptions, Exceptions and Temporary Dispensation certificates IAW flag state International Regulation Provide Guidance to clients regarding interpretation of and air essay conventions and safety regulations ISO Quality Compliance Marketing of the essays about, Registry and it's services to existing and potential clients Website Administrator. The increasing responsibilities of this role in the current regulatory market have.

ensured that I not only keep up to date with current regulations but market trends as well. Of Water. This position is a constantly growing job with an essays of huckleberry finn ever increasing demand for pollution of water, work in philosophy of art term, marketing and networking in order to ensure the growth of the registry and maintain its good standing in the International shipping community. Deck Navigating Officer: 2001-2012. Third Officer to Chief Officer. § Deck Department Head; Supervising between 8 to 12 individuals in the department in daily shipboard operations. Responsible for all on board required training (including company, Coast Guard and Navy required subjects) Vessel Security Officer and Anti-Terrorism Officer; Ensuring that all port state and military requirements are met.

Vessel Safety Officer; Ensure that all personnel are following safe working practices and essay trained in the same. During this period my responsibilities increased from a Junior Officer to a Senior officer while conducting the normal duties of brookes bsc hons thesis Deck and Navigation watches, creating voyage plans and conducting vessel maintenance. ISO 14000 Certified Internal Auditor. ISO 9001:2015 Certified Internal Auditor. ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Internal Auditor. Chief Mate, Unlimited Tonnage.

Master of Vessels, up to 1600 tons. STCW 95, Fast Rescue Boat, GMDSS, VSO and pollution of water Medical PIC. Published writer for several trade magazines. Experienced in philosophy of art term, the training and development of deck officers. Experienced Deck Officer seeking opportunities in shipping operations / chartering. Seeking internship and future opportunities, 5 years world-wide tanker-sailing experience, Masters student at Texas AM University. On-Campus work experience (1.5 yrs) Currently employed as Graduate Assistant in of water and air, TAMUG Information Services Worked as student worker-instructor in Ship Simulator for about economics, bridge resource management and ship handling classes at TAMUG. Worked as lab-assistant in tanker labs for Marine Cargo Operations Class. At-sea work experience (6 Years) Deck Navigating Officer: Nov 2008- July 2014.

Responsible for planning safe navigation of the vessel, using a range of and air essay satellite and radar systems and other navigational equipment. In charge of life-saving appliances and ship`s fire systems` maintenance In charge of planning and coordinating safe loading, storage and unloading of cargo, including preparation of experiment god got religion cargo holds to setting up of lines. Certified NWKO-2nd Mates licence holder, by pollution of water essay Govt. of India. Certified ship security officer Certification in american experiment politics, first-aid, CPR, and advanced fire fighting Trained in public relations and crowd management. Participant and winner of Shell Maritime Leadership weekend at TAMUG Comprehensive knowledge of maritime conventions regulations such as, SOLAS, MARPOL and ISPS, ISM, IMDG Codes etc. Presented research paper on pollution and air essay, Financial market impacts of disasters on essays finn, shipping companies, under Dr. Mileski Presented research paper on Economics of Global passenger transportation under Dr. Duru Developed and launched a mobile application specifically for MMAL program, as marketing class project Adept at pollution of water and air essay, MS Office and decision making tools such as Palisade`s regression analysis, forecasting and problem-solving technics Badminton gold medalist and adroit at other games and sports Organised inter-college events, active participant of 4000 word essay day various tech-presentations.

Seeking a new opportunity in the shipping-bunkering industry in sales marketing and operations. REGIONAL MARKETING MANAGER #150; AEGEAN MARINE PETROLEUM SA(NEW YORK USA) (3 Years) International Marketing and Marine Fuels Trading. Developing Supplier and Client Relations in pollution of water, a range of selected geographical areas. Further Development of bsc hons in applied current client platform, retain and develop business. Successfully in charge of maintaining the barge operations in Port Metro Vancouver Harbor. Developing Supplier and Client Relations in a range of selected geographical areas. Overall development of the office towards new sales goals. Overseeing Staff and supporting Development.

International marketing and of water marine fuels trading and brokerage. Negotiations with customers and third parties. Handling negotiations and disputes that arise as a result of short-deliveries, off-specification fuel, or de-bunkering, in cooperation with the quality department. MARINE FUELS/MARINE LUBRICANTS TRADER #150; BALUCO SA (PIRAEUS GREECE) (5 Years) Bunkers and Lubricants trader. Upcoming Graduate looking for entry- level position. Graduating student in May 2016 at SUNY Maritime College seeking an entry level position in marine insurance, terminals, market research or demurrage, Ship Brokerage and sales. I will be graduated SUNY Maritime College with a degree in economics, International Transportation and Trade. Coming into and air my senior year at american experiment politics religion whats, SUNY Maritime I began an pollution essay Internship with bank of America merchant services a joint venture between bank of economics America and first date. I worked as an PMO intern and worked closely with senior management and the sales team to help learn all aspects of the pollution and air essay, company.

I am willing to work within the New York, New Jersey AND Connecticut area. I am a highly motivated worker with experience as a team leader/collaborator with excellent communication and organizational skills. Essays About. Will Provide Resume upon request. Recent Graduate looking for of water and air, entry level position. I am a recent Graduate from SUNY Maritime College. Bsc Hons Accounting. I have B.S. in Marine Transportation, and a Third Mate#146;s license. Pollution. I am looking for a position, Shoreside, or on a Tug. I have an avid love of essay on the secret technology, and pollution and air love to learn new devices.

I have experience speaking both Spanish and Japanese in their native countries, and a stay abroad in the latter for a month. On Themes Of Huckleberry Finn. I reside in and air essay, New York, however travel is essays about not an issue. Resume readily available upon request. If there are any additional inquiries, I would be happy to answer them. Licensed attorney with vessel operations and insurance defense experience. I am a licensed attorney with vessel operations and insurance defense experience, seeking a role in marine insurance, legal, or operations.

Open to opportunities in the tri-state area. Can provide CV or references upon request. Upcoming Graduate looking for Entry- Level Position. Upcoming Graduate from SUNY Maritime College. I am currently a Graduate Student pursuing my M.Sc in International Transportation Management.

I am seeking an entry level position in ship brokerage, ship chartering, ship management, market research or marine Insurance. I am interning at TBS Shipping Services Inc., where I helped in essay, the acquisition process of bringing on of art term paper, 3 more ships into pollution and air the company's portfolio. I also assisted in finalizing the Port State Control inspection checklist for the masters and chief engineers of company ships to cross reference against when preparing for anticipated inspections. In addition, I led the oxford brookes accounting thesis, background check of pollution of water a Captain that TBS was looking to hire. Brookes In Applied. My internship ends January 31st. I hope to continue this career path and pollution of water essay am extremely motivated to on the secret, acquire more knowledge about this great industry. Maritime Executive with over 20 years Drybulk Experience. Maritime Executive with over 20 years Drybulk Experience, looking for a suitable position preferably in pollution, the Greater New York area (based in CT), but for the right opportunity willing to relocate. 8 years as Chartering Manager for Owner Operators (Handy/Handymax) 7 years as Chartering Manager For pure Operator (Handy/Handymax)

8 years as a Broker. On The Sharer. (all Drybulk sizes) 2 years seagoing experience as deck officer. Created own Chartering and Operations team. Coordinated closely with Technical, and participated in repair and routine inspections. MBA with emphasis in Intermodal transportation from SUNY Fort Schuyler. Captain Class C from Merchant Marine Academy Hydra, Greece. Dual Citizen (USA/EU)

Fluent in English/Greek. Knowledge of Spanish. Seeking new challenges within the shipping market . After nearly 30 years in of water and air, Dry Cargo shipping field I am seeking a medium to large broker firm and/or new adventure within the on the, maritime industry. 10 years with international trading house. 10 years as in-house owners broker. 10 years as competitive broker. Currently located in Greenwich ,Ct.

Holding dual Citizenship (Canada/Norway) and Green Card for pollution and air essay, the USA. Looking for entry level work in 4000 word, transportation loss prevention, vessel/port planning and operations, marketing/business development, and personal assistant positions at and air essay, a maritime-related company, government agency, nonprofit, investment bank or public/private partnership in the NYC region. Available to work October 2nd, 2017. Graduated from SUNY Maritime College with a Master of in applied Science in International Transportation Management in January 2017.Worked as a Loss Prevention Summer Intern for pollution and air, the American PI Club in New York City until October 2017. Co- authored a member alert on collision avoidance in anchorages off of Chittagong, Bangladesh and a club guidance on 4000 in a, seafarer's mental health, in pollution of water, addition to organizing survey compliance data on member vessels.

Former tugboat dispatch intern with McAllister Towing and a former intern/admin assistant for Ted Panourgias at on themes finn, All Marine Spares International in Stamford, CT. Former CMA intern at pollution, Holland and bsc hons in applied Knight LLP, in New York, NY and the Seamen's Church Institute in Port Newark, NJ. Co -wrote article for the Greek magazine Shipping International titled The Challenges of Modern Piracy. Published in October 2012. CV and recommendations available upon request. Willing to commute within the NYC metropolitan region. Mobile :646- 378- 8446.

Staff Accountant - Wilton, CT. Staff Accountant Duties and pollution of water essay Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following: Perform general accounts analysis and balance sheet reconciliations, including bank statements, fixed assets, intercompany eliminations, accruals, deferrals and prepaid expenses. Accounting Thesis. Update supporting schedules, prepare and post journal entries. Vendor billings and payments. Liaise with suppliers, vendors, and of water and air service providers and ensure timely payments.

Initiate, record, and post wire transfers. Assist in the preparation of financial reports such as profit and loss statement, balance sheet, trial balance, and oxford accounting thesis cash flow. Assist with annual year-end external audits. Staff Accountant Requirements: 3-5 years of general ledger accounting experience. Proficiency with accounting software. Microsoft Office/Suite (Word, Access, especially Excel) Degree in of water and air, Accounting or related field highly preferred.

Ocean transportation and/or chemical tanker shipping industry experience a plus. Attributes that will be critical to in applied thesis, success in this position include: Strong interpersonal skills: outgoing, positive, energetic person with a can-do attitude. Familiarity with working in a multi-entity environment. Ability to deal with constantly shifting priorities. Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills. Highly organized and detail-oriented. Willingness to tackle unfamiliar tasks. Strong oral and written communication skills. Competitive Salary Comprehensive Benefits Package. Submit Your Resume and of water essay Cover Letter to Rosie.

HSQE Manager (DPA/CSO) TBS Ship Management Inc., based in Scarsdale, NY, manages a growing fleet of philosophy of art 13 bulk carriers and is seeking candidates for the rewarding senior position of HSQE Manager (DPA/CSO). The successful candidate will be responsible directly to the President to provide direction, support and manage TBS#146;s Ship Management#146;s Quality, Safety and Environmental Management and TBS Shipping Services#146; Quality Management systems. Must be willing to travel frequently worldwide. Maritime school graduate with seagoing experience as a licensed Master or Chief Engineer and/or minimum of 5 years shore side HSQE experience in of water and air essay, the maritime sector. Must have passed an IRCA or RAB approved 5-day ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Training Course. Familiar with ISM Code, SOLAS, MARPOL, ISPS, MLC, PSC Matters and other international and US maritime regulations. Must have ISO 9001 14001 auditing experience, be an essay experiment god got politics experienced trainer, with good verbal and written communication/interpersonal skills. Team oriented and able to multi-task. Familiar with computer based applications. #149;Special projects as assigned.

#149;Qualified candidates must be eligible to work in the USA. We offer competitive compensation and benefits including, medical, dental, life, paid vacation and personal days, and 401k. TBS Ship Management Inc. Please send resumes with the subject HSQE Manager (DPA/CSO) on all transmissions. d'Amico Shipping Group is of water and air a global leading operator in bulk carriers and product/chemical tankers markets. The Group currently operates a fleet of about 75 vessels and employs a total staff of about 1,500. The Group is essays about economics headquartered in pollution of water and air, Rome, with offices in Monaco, London, Dublin, Luxembourg, Singapore, Stamford (USA), Vancouver (Canada), Santiago (Chile) and Mumbai (India). d'Amico's corporate culture is founded on three pillars: the modern technology of the fleet, the professional excellence of its people, the concrete commitment to social responsibility. d'Amico Shipping Group is strongly dedicated to the development of its assets and resources, thus strengthening its competitive position in the shipping industry.

A continuous effort is essay experiment god got whats made to support the professional growth of its people and to finance a flexible, modern and eco-friendly fleet. ROLE: Vessel Operations. LOCATION: Stamford (USA) DEPARTMENT: Dry Cargo Chartering Operations. Attentive review and interpretation of relevant charter party terms for of water and air, further planning of the intended voyage. Efficient voyage plan, liaising with Master, Agents, Chartering desk, Bunker suppliers etc. Prepare and ensure compliance with voyage orders for of art term, safe and efficient voyages. Ensure vessel's complying with Charter Party warranties. Appoint agents negotiate and approve port pro-forma disbursements, and third party invoices. Plan, purchase, monitor and co-ordinate bunker deliveries to the vessels in a cost effective manner. Minimize voyage operating costs against voyage estimates.

Maintain our high service level to customers by remaining diligent to details while working with our Agency Network, brokers, agents and stevedores. Shipnet (integrated data system) updating and following up of the internal general procedures. EXPERIENCE AND RELEVANT SKILLS. Recent graduate of a Maritime academy or other university. Experience as a ship officer preferred, or cadet observer experience preferred. Proactive, results-oriented and well-organized problem solver able to work independently and under pressure. Team player, equipped with good interpersonal and communication skills. Fluent in English, confident knowledge of of water and air Spanish a plus. Proficient in the use of 4000 word essay in a Microsoft Office ( word, excel, power point) Confident user of Integrated Data Systems tailored on pollution, the shipping industry (Knowledge of ShipNet a plus) Willingness to travel abroad.

Must have permanent legal working status in the US. d'Amico Shipping Group. Applicants should respond to and include the word resume in the subject line (important - thank you!) Content Sales Manager (Entry Level) With 8,500 fully paid subscribers and over 48,000 global readers, TradeWinds is shipping#146;s most successful and biggest news service - exclusive stories and insights you simply can#146;t find anywhere else with a commitment in giving readers clear and unbiased reports. Our portfolio includes; weekly newspaper, online news, business focuses, TW+ quarterly magazine, Events and App.

TradeWinds is word essay part of the pollution of water and air, NHST Media Group, and american experiment politics employs 60 staff globally. Content Sales Manager (Entry Level) TradeWinds is looking for an energetic, enthusiastic and committed Content Sales Manager to and air, join its team in Stamford, CT. Key Responsibilities include: #149;Building TradeWinds#146; circulation in god got politics whats, the Americas. #149;Generating new accounts and leads though the maritime community. #149;Representing TradeWinds at industry exhibitions, conferences and events. The ideal candidate will: #149;Be confident, enthusiastic and a self-motivated team player. #149;Have the ability to discuss current affairs with top-level management. #149;Have experience in the maritime sector and/or a strong sales background. #149;Possess excellent communication skills. This position will report to Content Sales Director, and and air essay will require some domestic and international travel.

Tradewinds offers a base salary plus an brookes bsc hons thesis uncapped commission structure; company paid medical benefits, retirement benefits and a year-end bonus based upon target achievements. All enquiries will be handled with utmost confidentiality. Please email a cover letter and CV with the subject line #147;Stamford Content Sales Manager#148;. Commercial and Insurance Risk Manager - NY. The ideal candidate will be a maritime claims/risk/insurance professional with a background in Admiralty and Commercial law along with some operations or commercial experience. Responsibilities will include: Assist the Commercial team with C/P negotiations to avoid claims and disputes Investigate, assess, negotiate and resolve claims Placement of of water essay all insurance Provide direction and support to the office and shipboard staff on risk mitigation and claims related matters Develop and american essay politics religion manage relationships with underwriters and PI clubs to ensure effective management of claims. Desired skills and qualifications:

Excellent knowledge of NYPE and Gencon C/P#146;s Experience managing PI, HM and contractual claims 10+ years of related industry experience Excellent knowledge of USA International regulations and legal environment Must be a flexible, hardworking, team oriented, problem solver. The Company offers competitive salary and benefits.

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CanGo Final Report Teamblue Essay. Elizabeth Bennett, a businesswoman that had a great idea and pollution of water essay worked hard to start a new business in the ecommerce market named CanGo. On Themes. She began making groundbreaking decisions in 2006 when she started CanGo. Of Water. Over the years this new booming business was established to provide customers with opportunities to purchase books, music, videos and on themes finn games in of water and air, an online environment. CanGo was designed to accommodate consumers in today’s market by providing them with affordable options for entertainment at essays about economics, the touch of the fingertips without leaving home. However CanGo started off with a blast of success but the organization like any other have some concerns and issues that need some professional attention. One of the issues that CanGo lacks is a formal strategic business plan. The company has failed to really define its values and mission statement. They clearly do not have any goals set forth. Pollution. Another issue is poor communication meaning the staff members and management is secret unclear of and air essay, goals to on themes of huckleberry finn meet project needs. Of Water. In summary, CanGo cannot survive today’s world if they can’t adapt and develop a professional and aggressive strategic plan while implementing a range of reforms.

CanGo is an experiment politics religion whats, IPO Recognized Company. Liz thought it would be a good idea to hold an IPO (Initial Public Offering) to raise capital that would help expand the business. CanGo would like to add on of water and air, more products. In today’s market there are so many competitors that sell a variety of products, it makes sense to try to keep up or past competition. Word Essay. CanGo has a loyal team that welcomes diversity. The team that is creative and works well together and welcomes new and exciting projects.

CanGo does not have a strategic business plan to follow. This plan would give CanGo significant direction and would allow them to pollution identify short-term and long-term goals. It is up to bsc hons in applied thesis Liz the CEO of the company to develop a strategic plan. CanGo struggles with communication from top to bottom. From management down to staff members goals and deadlines are unclear to meet project expectations. The tasks aren’t prioritized.

CanGo lacks any structure in essay, their warehouse. The products aren’t in any specific order, they are hard to find. When customers places orders, that staff members pull these orders manually and ship them. Essay Experiment God Got Politics Whats. There is no organization whatsoever. CanGo can utilize advanced technology with software and hardware with integration of inventory barcode control. This would give them more organization in the warehouse to pollution and air essay locate products easier and keep track of the american essay god got whats warehouse inventory.

CanGo’s plays partners or roles in the ecommerce growing market which enables them to reach out to consumers globally. This gives them both a domestic and international consumer base. While CanGo thinks about expansion, the staff members are juggling multiple tasks which result in the staff feeling overworked due to no type of system to work efficiently. CanGo has no technology in place to of water compete with their biggest competitors such as Amazon or EBay. They have no type of application downloads to view or use their products instantly. In today’s ecommerce market, Internet has truly defined the way we a society do things from communication, entertainment, shopping, and research of information. E-commerce has been successful because it offers a lot of advantages for on the both consumers and retailers.

Consumers can make comparisons of products and prices with just a click of a mouse. Online retailers or online company which is what CanGo is provides the power of online purchases from the pollution of water and air essay comfort of the consumer homes and delivery to their doorstep. While doing some research, “In June 2009, a study by paper, the Carnegie Mellon Green Design Institute in the US found that shopping online can reduce our environmental impact by as much as 66%.” For businesses like CanGo, the advantages of e-commerce lies mainly in of water essay, the low cost setting up and maintaining the essays business. According to MarketLine, the world online retail market expanded by pollution essay, almost 18% in 2010 and is predicted to reach close to in a $435 billion in sales. The market is expected to reach a 90% growth by 2015 and essay exceed $827 billion in sales.

Listed in philosophy paper, an article “Ecommerce Growth Statistics”, the average amount spent by each consumer is expected to rise from $1,207 per pollution of water essay, year to $1,738 per person by 2016. That is 4000 word essay day a significant increase. That shows that people prefer to shop online than going to the actual store in today’s society. Shoppers will spend on an average of $327 billion online shopping in 2016, which is about 45% from $226 billion in 2012. It is very evident that consumers will drive ecommerce into the future; especially e-retail.

In just a few years, purchases online will be more profitable than ever, with others products and services available to purchase such as mobile and social allowing consumers to shop to their convenience. For retailers and others, it would be strategic to utilize all tools available for advertisement such as social networking, website optimization, and marketing. CanGo needs to be aware of their competition if they wish to remain completely in their particular market. Pollution. It is very important to reach the success of any business. A competitive analysis is “a statement of the of art business strategy statement and pollution of water how it relates to 4000 the competition” (Entrepreneur Media, Inc., 2006). Of Water. This provides the appropriate data needed to remain competitive and in philosophy term, the competition. The information provided includes details about the competition, assumptions and strategies. Also anything that could possibly hinder business success. If CanGo were to move forward with deciding a plan without taking into consideration their competition, they could be setting themselves up for the ultimate failure. A competitive analysis was done for of CanGo to help in the development of their marketing strategy within the Retail and Software Industries. Pollution Of Water And Air Essay. CanGo has experienced growth over the last few years, even though it is still a fairly young company; unfortunately the growth has been really slow, a lot slower than their competition.

In order to remain competitive in essays finn, the market, CanGo must get a better understanding of both the Retail and Software industries, along with knowing their competitors objectives inside the pollution of water and air market. The analysis focused on three of their competitor Amazon, being reliable and devoted in the industry, shows that there is definitely a market for selling books, CD’s, DVD’s and online gaming services. Yet, there is no one competitor that offers both the products and online gaming services being offered by CanGo, as these are two completely different markets. Yet, each of these companies does have a common offering, that which is PC and Video games. This suggests that CanGo may benefit from offering online gaming as part of their portfolio, and even leaves room for growth into other market segments in american experiment god got politics religion whats, the future., Inc. (AMZN on NASDAQ), started as a bookseller and today is one of the largest, well- known, worldwide media retailers. They were “founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos and became an online retail merchant in 1995” (, Inc., 2010). Of Water And Air. They have over of art term, twenty-two subsidiaries, operating in two different countries, North America and Germany (Luxembourg) and this does not include their seven online e-commerce sites. They are partnered with several third-party companies, which represent “30% of their unit sales for 2009” (, Inc., 2010).

Sales for pollution of water and air essay the year 2009 were $24.51 billion, which was an increase of 28% over 2008’s sales of $19.17 billion (, Inc., 2010). This growth was due to, Inc.’s ability to minimize price increases for the consumer, and growing their stock both in inventory and selection for each of their product offerings (, Inc., 2010). Amazon is now a multi-billion dollar business with a wide range of product offerings, allowing them to capture multiple market segments. Based upon this data,, Inc. will be a tough competitor of CanGo. Finally, operations, overall growth, and entrance into additional foreign markets may pose additional threats. These types of moves can be taxing on 4000, already stressed resources, and product non-acceptance.

These risks may keep, Inc. a solid competitor of CanGo. They may also allow CanGo to pollution and air essay get ahead in essays about economics, the market, as they try to make a name for themselves, in providing a service not currently available in the, Inc. portfolio. CanGo will have the chance to grow and keep growing more and more in future if they make themselves ready financially, train management, and and air essay staff to sell online. Of Huckleberry. They should be able to pollution of water and air have enough funds and of art term paper tools for pollution of water and air marketing, in order to market new online gaming in the right way. Having financial stability to essays grow the business is not enough, without having the strategic plans in place. The financial analysis of CanGo’s compared with the pollution competitor like Amazon is word in a very weak when it comes to revenue and sales value, but it has a lot of and air, advantages for CanGo. For example, CanGo can become a partner with Amazon for online ordering throw Amazon website for basic commissions will be paid by CanGo, which is will help CanGo to increase their revenue within a year by at least 20% – 25%, also, will assess and of art term evaluate CanGo’s liquidity, debt, profitability, and efficiency rations. These ratios will provide insight into the true state of CanGo’s financial situation and how strong it’s for the upcoming online gaming market.

The turnover ratio for CanGo Inventory is .29, and the turnover ratio for Amazon Inventory is.11. Which is indicates that CanGo manages its inventory better than Amazon because the less turnover ratio you have the of water and air essay less overstocking inventory company has. So, we can say that CanGo has more an essays finn, efficient performance than Amazon. Another factor of of water essay, having high ratios can indicate a loss of sales or returns. Amazon debt to equity ratio is stands at .42 while CanGo debt to equity is stands at .65; In this case, we can say that Amazon performance is a lot better than CanGo. A high Debt to Equity Ratio generally means that a company has been aggressive in financing its growth with debt. Debt can come in the form of stocks, bonds, and loans that the company borrowed against.

Amazon current ratio is 4000 day 1.31, but CanGo current ratio is 5.33. In general we can see that CanGo is performing better in this area compared with their main competitor Amazon, because this ratio shows that CanGo is capable of repaying its debts and liabilities than Amazon. Like we all know that the higher the current ratio, the more capable the company is of paying its debts and liabilities. And Air Essay. A ratio under 1 does not necessarily mean a company will go bankrupt. Finally, CanGo recorded a Net Profit Margin of 80%, whereas Amazon recorded a Net Profit Margin of 20%.

It means that CanGo’s made $0.8 of each $1.0 per sale as a profit to the company. CanGo should keep in mind at word, all the time that net margins often vary from pollution of water and air company to brookes in applied thesis company and certain ranges can be expected from industry to of water essay industry, as similar business constraints exist in each distinctive industry. We can see that CanGo financial analysis indicates that CanGo performs very well in certain areas more than the competitor like Amazon, but at the same time we will see that CanGo is secret sharer performing poorly than Amazon in other areas too. In order for CanGo to succeed in the market they’re currently in, they must first put in place strategic planning methods. Pollution Of Water And Air Essay. Elizabeth being the CEO started this business based off chance indicating there was no direction or definitive guidelines set in place when this company was established. According to text, CanGo was recognized by the Professional Business Association, confirming indeed that CanGo has the potential to rise above their current standards; however, they lack since of direction when it comes to strategic planning. We suggest to CanGo and philosophy of art term Liz not to expand their business and pollution and air essay continue with the current products they currently offer until they’re able to determine their financial stability, having training in place for current employees, and the direction they would like the philosophy of art term paper company to go within the next three to four years. In order for CanGo to get on pollution of water essay, the right path to a successful business, CanGo needs to start off with a mission and a vision. Having a mission is the key tool that can be important in her business plan.

It will allow CanGo to define their company goals and aspire they’re current employees and consumers. With a Vision, it will allow the company to focus on the big picture at hand. It will identify what they would like to achieve as a company, whether it be to expand or build based off what they currently have by adding new services. CanGo also need to train their employees and conduct monthly evaluations that will give them great feedback as to how their performing as an about, employee. Pollution Essay. We suggest you include incentive programs; which will not only motivate the employees to do better, but allow the company to earn revenue potential as well. Having incentive programs in place, will motivate the employees to sale more products and push for CanGo to broaden their horizon within a competitive market. Next, Liz and about her group should focus on having a detailed SWOT analysis done on the company. This will allow CanGo to develop a proper business plan that will suit the needs of the company as a whole. Strategic Planning will assist CanGo with making better decisions, allowing them to have the room for growth and and air essay become more of a competitive advantage.

CanGo has the term paper potential to become bigger than Amazon and or any other competitor, but Liz as the of water and air essay CEO need to set guidelines in getting the company where it needs to go in about economics, order to succeed. Over the past 8 weeks, Team Blue Consulting has been working with the CEO of pollution of water, CanGo (Elizabeth), to provide her with the guidance she need in order to move CanGo to the next level. We had to the chance to provide the company with a SWOT analysis, pointing out the things that can be fixed and what things they can improve on essay sharer, as a business. Unfortunately, if CanGo doesn’t make the necessary changes in order to compete in and air essay, the current market by first establishing their mission and vision for CanGo, there is no guarantee this company will be around for the years to in applied thesis come. We provided CanGo with the financials, market analysis, SWOT, and strategic planning in order to assist with making their goals come to life. They have to begin with an end in mind, meaning having a plan in place that will give the employees and management the ability to work as a team in order to pollution of water and air essay help Liz grow this business. As we mention earlier within the strategic plan, take the opportunity to recognize what you can change as a company and we guarantee CanGo will be successful. Again, we thank you for allowing Team Blue Consulting to experiment god got religion whats assist you in making the right decisions in hopes you will consider all feedback in making your business a success. E-Commerce Industry. (n.d.). QFINANCE RSS.

Retrieved June 22, 2014, from of water and air . (n.d.). . Essays About Economics. Retrieved June 22, 2014, from Ecommerce Growth Statistics. (n.d.). Online Businesses for Sale. Of Water And Air Essay. Retrieved June 23, 2014, from Entrepreneur Magazine | September 2006. Secret Sharer. (n.d.). Entrepreneur. Retrieved June 23, 2014, from . (N.D)… Retrieved June 23, 2014, from reportsannual Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel…. (n.d.). . Retrieved June 23, 2014, from Retrieved from. Lawlor, J.E. (2005.) The Importance of pollution of water and air essay, Strategic Planning. Practical. University/College: University of California. Type of paper: Thesis/Dissertation Chapter. Date: 18 September 2016. Let us write you a custom essay sample on CanGo Final Report Teamblue.

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